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Deer Repellents: Various Types and Why “Deer No No” is the Best Deer Repellent

There’s a wide range of deer repellents available today, and it’s important to understand how these products work before choosing one for your home and why “Deer No No” is the best deer repellent .

Here’s an overview of different types of deer repellents:

  1. Liquid Spray Products – These contain ingredients that deer find repulsive, and are sprayed onto plants to cover up their natural smell or taste. They may include egg solids, garlic, mint, lemongrass, cinnamon, peppers, etc. Liquid sprays need frequent reapplication, and may wash off during rainy or snowy weather.
  2. Powder/Granular Products – These have concentrated ingredients such as coyote urine and dried blood meal, which evoke a fear response in deer. They need to be sprinkled onto soil, fence lines and plants, and may need frequent reapplication. Other than the foul smell, they can also be messy to work with.
  3. Electronic/Ultrasonic Products – These are used as a low-maintenance alternative to scent-based deer repellents. Some models are powered with solar panels and mimic the eyes of predators with pulsing red lights. Others have motion-activated sensors that produce high-frequency sounds to drive deer away.
  4. Deer Repellent Packs – These usually have concentrated deer repellent powder, granules or cakes packaged in convenient, clean and weatherproof quick-tie packs. They can be hung around the perimeter of your lawn or garden to keep deer away, without any mess, additional equipment or frequent maintenance.
  5. Scent-Based Products – Most deer repellents target a deer’s acute sense of smell, making plants taste/smell bad, or causing an instinctive reaction to flee. The first method is not always effective, since hungry deer may enter your property in search of food despite bad odors. Predator urine is more effective, but smellier!
  6. Naturally Formulated Products – Most popular deer repellents are designed with natural ingredients instead of toxic chemicals. Whether in deer repellent sprays, powders, granules or quick-tie packs, naturally-derived or recycled ingredients have been found to be both safe and effective.

Why “Deer No No” is the Best Deer Repellent.
Best Deer Repellent

Here’s why Deer No No’s repellent packs are your best solution for keeping deer away:

  • Long-Lasting – Unlike liquid sprays, powders/granules and powder-based packs, Deer No No comes in solid cake form, which makes it both long-lasting and weather-resistant. The packs will last 10-12 months and remain effective even in rain or snow, so you don’t have to keep reapplying them.
  • Super-Easy to Use – The solid cake of deer repellent is enclosed inside a handy green mesh bag, which you can hang up in any part of your garden where you need protection. Deer No No can be used near any plant, and stored in the convenient plastic tub during off-season or when deer stop feeding.
  • Safe and Natural – Formulated with completely natural ingredients and no toxic chemicals, Deer No No is the perfect environmentally friendly solution for keeping deer away. Used and unused packs alike can be disposed of easily, simply by wrapping them in newspaper before placing them in the trash.
  • Maximum Protection – Deer No No gives you maximum deer repellent protection both for your garden and yourself. The packs will keep deer from eating your new plants, as well as protect you and your loved ones from infectious Lyme disease and other infections transmitted by deer ticks.
  • Great Smell (for You) – Deer No No packs have a specially formulated citrus scent, which is repulsive for deer but very pleasant for people. If you’re spending time outdoors in your garden, you don’t want to be dealing with foul odors, no matter whether they’re strong or have gotten fainter over time!
September 4, 2017