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What Are the Main Factors to Consider while Choosing a Deer Repellent?

Spring planting time also means deer time in many areas, and deer repellent products offer the perfect solution for homeowners who want to protect their property. Of course, each product works in different ways, and choosing the best one isn’t always easy. You need to take some essential factors into account before making a decision.

Here’s what you should keep in mind while choosing a deer repellent product for your house:

1. Can it be sprayed on any type of plant?
Some types of repellents cannot be used with certain plants, especially edible leaves, vegetables, fruits and herbs. This is especially a concern with products that may contain toxic chemicals or make plants taste bad to keep deer from eating them!

2. Does it work in all kinds of weather?
Most powder/granule and liquid spray repellents need to be reapplied frequently to remain effective, washing off in rain or snow. Deer repellent packs with solid cakes are generally more weatherproof and will stand up better in rainy or snowy weather.

3. Does it smell pleasant or nasty?
Many deer repellent products use foul odors to drive deer away, whether from plant-based sources or decayed egg solids, blood meal, coyote urine, etc. Instead, try using packs that have a pleasant citrus scent, which deer don’t like but humans do!

4. Are the ingredients completely natural?
Whether you’re using a deer repellent near edible plants or decorative ones, it’s best to use products that are formulated with all-natural ingredients. Natural or recycled ingredients have proved to be every bit as effective as chemical-based ones.

5. Is it environmentally friendly?
This is another important aspect to consider, especially if you’re using sprays, powders or granules that will soak into the ground. Avoid products with harmful chemicals or ingredients that can damage the local ecosystem!

6. How easy is the application?
Many deer repellents can be both messy and high-maintenance, especially if you need extra equipment or supplies just for them. If you want a clean and convenient application, use packs that can simply be hung near plants you want to protect.

7. How long will it last before reapplication?
Powders/granules and liquid sprays typically need to be reapplied quite frequently, since they fade quickly and tend to wash away with rain or snow. Weatherproof deer repellent packs will last 10-12 months, and are rain-resistant too.

8. Can it be moved around at need?
Portability of deer repellents can make a huge difference when you have deer invading different parts of your property during each planting season. Packs can be moved where you need them, and stored for later use during off-season as well.

9. How safe is it for children and pets?
If your home has little kids or pets such as dogs or cats, you need to take extra precautions with sprays, powders and granules. Deer repellent packs can simply be hung out of the way, where your children or “fur-babies” can’t get to them.

10. Is it non-toxic and biodegradable?
In addition to application, consider the disposal of deer repellent products. Unused packs of Deer No No packs can simply be wrapped in newspaper and put into the trash, since they are EPA-certified and made with natural ingredients.

Deer can ruin your landscaping efforts, but there’s more at stake than just your flower or kitchen garden. These innocent-looking intruders can also put you and your family at risk of Lyme disease and other infections transmitted through deer ticks. Protect your health and your plants with Deer No No today!

September 11, 2017