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How Deer No No Works

Deer No No consists of a solid cake of repellent enclosed inside a green mesh bag that can be hung on or near any plant or garden you want to protect. It has a specially formulated citrus scent that deer hate but humans find pleasant. It comes in solid cake form which lasts on average for ten to twelve months, even in rainy or snowy conditions.

For maximum garden or plant protection and for new plantings, a Deer No No packet should be placed at bud level approximately every two feet. As your plants grow, we recommend elevating Deer No No to keep it at bud level. For clusters of the same flora (e.g. Day Lilies), stake Deer No No every two feet at bud level. For shrubs and trees, you can hang or stake Deer No No at various deer browsing levels. Depending on size and height, the average shrub will require two to four packs of Deer No No.

Unlike most competing products like deer repellent sprays, liquids, or powders, Deer No No won’t wash off or lose effectiveness due to rain. As each packet lasts up to ten months, you don’t have to continually reapply the product to retain maximum deer repellent protection.

An added and very important benefit provided by Deer No No is increased protection against infectious Lyme Disease. The most common tick-borne disease found in the Northern Hemisphere, Lyme disease strikes humans via bites from infected deer ticks. Infected deer ticks are most often carried by deer, so keeping the deer population away from gardens and yards helps to keep this pernicious disease at bay.

When your gardening season is over, you can re-use Deer No No by taking it down if the deer are not eating in a particular season. Just store it during the off-season inside the plastic tub and rehang it when they start feeding again!


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Deer No No is an environmentally friendly product that is registered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Our EPA registration dates back to 1995; EPA number 69274-1. To dispose of unused Deer No No packets, simply wrap them in newspaper and place in the trash.