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5 Simple Techniques to Deter Deer From Destroying Your Garden

One of the most widespread problems faced by home garden owners is deer infiltration. These garden pests damage your precious vegetable gardens, trees, ornamental shrubs and pose a threat to the health of your family. This is because deer ticks can spread some really harmful diseases. Once deer become comfortable in your lawns and gardens, getting rid of them can turn into a huge challenge for you. So, it is wise to stop them at the earliest.

Here are 5 techniques to prevent deer from destroying your garden:

1.Plan Your Garden Smartly – One of the most simple and effective ways to deter deer from entering your garden is to plan the position of plants smartly. Don’t stuff your garden with fruit trees, beans, peas, lettuces, English ivy and other such plants as they are among the favorite foods of deer. If you do plant them, position them closer to your home. Towards the outer side, plant those trees which are less preferred by the deer. This will make a protective ring around the more susceptible plants. Strongly-scented herbs like garlic, chives, mint and lavender can mask the smell of the susceptible plants. Also, thorny, hairy or prickly foliage will help deter deer.

2.Hang Bags With Soap Chunks or Human Hair – Both these ingredients – soaps such as Irish spring soap and human hair are repulsive for deer. You can hang bangs with Irish spring soap chunks or unwashed human hair. It may become a rather tedious task right from collecting to hanging to replenishing both these repellents, especially in large gardens or yards.

3.Make Use of Deer Repellents – Deer No No deer repellent packs are one of the best and the most effective deer repellent techniques which help in keeping deer away from your precious garden. They are basically hassle-free. Here’s why:

  • They are long-lasting. Liquid sprays, powder-based packs, granules etc. mostly get washed off during heavy rains or snow. Whereas, our deer repellent packs come in solid cake form and are both – weather-resistant and long-lasting. You need not worry about constantly replacing them.
  • These packs are made from completely natural ingredients and hence are perfectly eco-friendly. Used packs can also be disposed off in a completely safe and easy way by simply discarding them by wrapping in a newspaper.
  • They offer maximum protection against deer. They are formulated with a special citrus smell which is pleasant for you but repulsive for deer.
  • They are super easy to use and you can simply hang them in any part of your garden.

4.Install Solar Powered Motion Sensors – You can invest in motion sensors which when sense movement can throw bright lights or play siren. This tactic may or may not be suited for your neighborhood. Also, the deer soon realize that the beam of light is harmless, so they may get used to it.

5.Keep Your Dog Out in the Yard – The scent of dogs and their bark will help keep the deer away from the yard. So, try and keep the dog out in the yard as much as possible. But, you may have to deal with the extra efforts and expenses required for maintaining and training the dog and also keeping the dog on a leash when necessary to prevent accidents.

Among all the ways described above, Deer No No’s deer repellent packs are the easiest, effective, economical, natural and safe way to deter deer.

Get in touch with us to understand how you can make the most of Deer No No deer repellent packs to ensure that deer don’t damage your precious fruits and vegetable gardens and your family doesn’t face the risk of getting infected with harmful diseases caused by deer ticks.

October 28, 2017