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Deer No No Deer Repellent

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Used by home gardeners, landscapers, farmers, and nurserymen across the country for almost 20 years, Deer No No is the easiest and most effective product you can buy to repel deer and protect your garden and plants. After switching from ineffective spray repellents, stakes, sprinklers, and electronic deterrents, our many thousands of happy customers all agree that Deer No No is the safest and most effective deer repellent on the market.


An all natural product, Deer No No uses a proprietary scent we developed to keep deer away without resorting to poisons or harsh chemicals. Best of all, Deer No No’s potency doesn’t diminish over days or weeks like regular spray repellents. A single Deer No No packet delivers 10 to 12 months of continuous deer protection! And our potency and long lifespan make Deer No No highly affordable and cost effective.

*8 Bars per Container



Deer No No – Non Toxic Deer Repellent


  • Flower Gardens
  • Vegetable Gardens
  • Organic Gardens
  • Community Gardens
  • Ornamental Plants
  • Shrubs
  • Trees
  • Ornamental Vines
deer no no
I just started using Deer No No and was immediately impressed. I only had enough little bags to put on 3 of my 11 new redwood trees. The deer immediately left those trees alone, and moved to neighboring ones.
Holly-Berry, California
deer no no
Simply Amazing! I live in New Hampshire and have battled the deer for many years. Now that I have found Deer No No, I plant and grow what I want and feel confident that the deer will stay away.
Sue - New Boston, NH
deer no no
Once I had hung your wonderful Deer No No deer repellent sacs on exposed shrubs throughout the garden, the deer never reappeared.  The deer still roam the neighborhood but avoid our property.
TM - Maryland
deer no no
We live way out in the country and have battled with the deer for years. This is the first product that has REALLY worked for me.
Chicken Lady - New Boston, NH
deer no no
I live in an area where there are many deer and they seem to eat everything! I put these near my flower garden, cherry trees, and blueberry bushes and the deer have not eaten anything.
Debbie C. - Roscoe, NY

Deer No No is an environmentally friendly product that is registered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Our EPA registration dates back to 1995; EPA number 69274-1. To dispose of unused Deer No No packets, simply wrap them in newspaper and place in the trash.